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IMPORTANT NOTICE – High School Program

Due to an insufficient number of committed players, there will be no Black Horse High School team during the 2017-18 season. We are hopeful to be able to field a high school team next season.

Meanwhile, for all new or existing Black Horse players that want to play high school hockey, the South Jersey High School Hockey League (SJHSHL) has ruled to assign players that go to Highland and Timber Creek to St. Joe's and players attending Triton are assigned to Cinnaminson.

Please understand, players do not get to choose what high school team they play for. Before each season, the SJHSHL reviews each club’s player profile and determines assignments (or reassignments) for all players that attend a school that does not have a team. The SJHSHL assigns by school not individual player. Typically, players from a high school that does not have a team are assigned to a club needing players that already has an “un-pure” mix.

Further, there is no automatic “grandfathering” by the SJHSHL for Black Horse middle school players that choose to play for other organizations that may also have a high school team. Again, during the transition from middle school to high school, the SJHSHL will review the player profile for each team and determine assignments for “un-pure” players regardless of which middle school team they played for.

Please direct questions to: nkovnat1@comcast.net